IRS stimulus check tracking tool not working? Here are 12 possible reasons why

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Need your stimulus money? You’re not alone.

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The IRS wanted to make it easy for recipients of the government’s coronavirus stimulus check to track payments and set up direct deposit, an ongoing process as part of a $2 trillion economic relief package going out to millions of people. There’s just one problem: The Get My Payment tool doesn’t always work for everyone. If your attempts don’t go through, it might leave you a cryptic message, or in some cases, lock you out, not knowing entirely what to do next.

As added pressure, there’s now a due date for when you have to set up your direct deposit information with the IRS — May 13 — or else you might be waiting for a check in the mail for weeks or months. 

Frustrations have been well documented in CNET comments and online. We wanted to find out what some of the most common roadblocks were and if you can bypass them. The following list isn’t exhaustive and ?????? City SkyLine DLE 10.0 (?????????) may not apply to your particular situation. We’ve reached out to the IRS multiple times for more information about these issues.  

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In some cases, there may be nothing to do but wait and try again with the online portal, or wait for your check to arrive in the mail instead of in your bank account. If you’re worried about making rent or car payments before your stimulus money arrives, or you need information about filing for unemployment, we have some additional resources to help. Here’s what we know about a second round of stimulus checks.

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